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January 27 2017


Save pangolins

Pangolins now are facing critical crisis as they are closing to extinct. In fact, humans are the murderers of this disaster, superstition and greed are the main reason to cause this massacre.
Pangolins, the mammals covered in tough and overlapping scales, are actually far from aggressive. Their scales provide good defense against predators in wild. However, they’re considered the world’s most hunted animal because people believe that the meat is prized for medicinal ingredient and the scales help curl impotence.
Nowadays, the numbers of pangolins are less and less, some people eat them only for the reason of showing their ostentatious wealth, what they do to these helpless animals is to make them approach to endangered. Although International trade in pangolins has been banned by CITES since 2000; and are listed them as 'protected species' in most Asian home states, scaly anteaters are still threaten with smuggling and poaching. Pangolins’ disappear would not be the result we expect to see, only when strictly implement of law enforcement on punishing these poachers and pangolin-eaters would effectively bring down the crisis of extinction. This is our latest chance to save pangolins, and please never make science predictions come true.

Pangolin is a really skillful and difficult work that I have spent a lot of time on it. It has been passed at least six editions before presenting to all of you. What I was trying to challenge is an artwork with both perfect appearance and function. It was a little struggle for me to share this work at the beginning since I’ve fallen in love with it when it’s first done and stood in front of me. At this moment, what I am wondering more is to let you firsthand it, holding and feeling the variation with actions. Enjoy and I believe you’ll like it.

Same file will be uploaded to http://fastlab.tw/, (Institute for Information Industry, III), which is a 3D works sharing website, welcome all 3D players upload your works and have fun here!

Special thanks to Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corp. for providing dedicated color materials (ABS) and supporting on this creation.

Design Software - SketchUp
my settings
z resolution 0.2mm
scale 100%
Don't printing all models are small then 75% of original model size,
and set up 0.15mm layer resolution.





同樣的檔案我也分享於 http://fastlab.tw/ 這是台灣資訊策進會的3D分享網頁,希望各位3D玩家也能慢慢豐富這個地方。

感謝 新光合成纖維股份公司 訂製專用顏色之3D列印材料贊助本作品創作。


May 12 2016


(3D Slash) toilet paper holder

customized with 3D Slash!

just a first text of 3D Slash. Stronger support on the smallest parts...

April 18 2016


Porter Filter Mount for Silvia, E61, LaPavoni, Francis Francis etc.

This is a mount for placing grouphead from silvia (E61 Grouphead) and La Pavoni onto the machine by magnets and a discrete rail, or using screws and mounting them onto the wall or other surfaces near the coffee machine.

Pick the file(s) you like and print them. Either the small for La Pavoni, Francis Francis (57 mm) etc. or the bigger one for Silvia or other E61 group heads.

-------------------------------- DESCRIPTION ----------------------------------
Update 20 Jan 2017:
Redesigned on-machine mounts to make them printable (using support) without having to clue on the rail. They hang at a good distance, and the backplate material has been trimmed away for a nicer design. Enjoy !

If you want to wall-mount take the design with build-in screw holes.
Simple use 2 or 4 screws to fasten it onto the wall. Voila. Print more if you have more than 1 handle.

(Picture missing)
Print the design without the screw (since you won't need the holes), and also print the glue-on-rail. Glue this to the backside, and it can carefully be pressed onto the edge of the machine with a snug fit. It fits all stainless-steel casings of about 1-2 mm thickness.
I've used 1mm thick and 10 mm diameter neodymium magnets (very cheap on eBay). These can be press-fitted into the part, and will secure the mount even better than just the glue on rail.

I use this design myself, and have made a version for Pavoni handles as well as Francis Francis (Its the same).

If you have a specific wish, i can quickly change the design to accommodate for other handles as well. Feel free to post a comment.

December 13 2015


123D Exported Odroid XU4(from the official STEP sources)

I loaded the base STEP file in Autodesk 123D and exported as STL.
Will do the same with the top.
I will publish the top later after I print it.

It prints fine as long as you use supports on the raft(because of the tiny feet).

November 01 2015


Odroid XU4 - VESA Case

Case for Odroid XU4 from Hardkernel
make by: Steffen Taubenheim-Probst
No Commercial

June 13 2015


Deer Head 3 Piece remix

A colleague of mine is into hunting and this was a print for him, I was wanting to print the horns and body a different colour so I cut out the antlers and made a wall mount for it. The mount has a recess so you can't mess up the alignment and the antlers are fairly easy to line up also. Printed in PLA on a Kossel Mini.

June 03 2015


May 29 2015


May 28 2015


May 14 2015


May 02 2015


May 01 2015


April 30 2015


April 29 2015


April 16 2015


Case for Raspberry Pi with Adafruit LCD display

Based on Anoved's revision of Jeremy Blum's nice design, with the following updates:
- Right side finger bevel for easier access to right button (watch Jeremy's Blum's Youtube vid).
- closed a gap for the 2 halves near the 2 circular connectors
- adjusted the HDMI bevels
- tighter fit for the LCD from above (photo below still shows a small gap; the .stl file is 2 mm smaller on the right)
- button opening smaller, now covering the IC and protecting the contrast pot some.

April 13 2015


April 09 2015

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